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Magali Rachel was exposed to makeup artistry as a young girl, eager to watch and learn as her mom 'glammed up' for the day. As Magali advanced, she discovered that makeup was not just an element of every day beauty, but that it can serve as a portal for individual creativity and universal expression.

With the love she developed for the art, she took her first major steps as a student of the Make-Up Designory located in downtown Burbank, and studied the Master Make-up Course, indulging in everything from bridal beauty to special effects, landing her face to face with her greatest passion.

Whether it be the beauty based design of her own face, the fun and creative leaps of character makeups, or the bonds that have come to fruition whilst working with other creatives, Magali prides herself on bringing an individual uniqueness to her clients and cherishes her ability to create meaningful work and relationships with the incredible people and fellow artists she's surrounded by.


From the mountains

to the beaches, we love it all.

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